August 24, 2018

Morning prayer liturgy adapted from “God Our Mother: An Inclusive Morning Prayer Liturgy” by Christena Cleveland.


We give you thanks, O God, we give you thanks, calling upon your Name and declaring all your wonderful deeds. (Psalm 75:1)


O God, let our mouth proclaim your praise.
And your glory all the day long.

Praise to the holy and undivided Trinity, one God: as it was in the beginning, is now, and will be for ever. Amen.

The Holy One is in our midst.
O come let us worship.


Jubilate (Psalm 100, The Inclusive Bible translation)

Acclaim YHWH with joy, all the earth! Serve YHWH with gladness!
Enter into God’s presence with a joyful song! Know that YHWH is God!
YHWH made us, and we belong to the Creator;
We are God’s people and the sheep of God’s pasture.
Enter God’s gates with thanksgiving and the courts with praise!
Give thanks for God! Bless God’s Name!
For YHWH is good; God’s steadfast love endures forever,
And God’s faithfulness to all generations.



Joshua 22:10-20

Romans 13:11-14


Canticle N: A Song of God’s Love (1 John 4:7-11; The Inclusive Bible translation) 

Beloved, let us love one another because love is of God;
everyone who loves is begotten of God and has knowledge of God.
Those who do not love have known nothing of God, for God is love.
God’s love was revealed in our midst in this way:
by sending the Only Begotten into the world, that we might have faith through the Anointed One.
Love, then, consists in this:
not that we have loved God, but that God has loved us
and has sent the Only Begotten to be an offering for our sins.
Beloved, if God has loved us so, we must have the same love for one another.


Hear our cry, O God.
And listen to our prayer.
Let us pray.


A Feminist Lord’s Prayer

Our Father, Mother, who are in the world and surpass the world,
Blessed be your presence,
in us, in animals and flowers, in still air and wind.
May justice and peace dwell among us, as you come to us.
Your will be our will;
You will that we be sisters and brothers, as bread is bread, water is itself,
For our hunger, for quenching of thirst. Forgive us.
We walk crookedly in the world,
are perverse, and fail of our promise. But we would be human,
if only you consent to stir up our hearts. Amen.

Prayer for Beauty (Changing Woman, Navajo)
Watch over us, your hand before us, protect us, heal us, make us well. As you speak to us, we speak to you: May it be beautiful before us, may it be beautiful behind us, may it be beautiful below us, may it be beautiful above us, may it be beautiful everywhere. Restore us in beauty. Restore us in beauty. Amen.


~Conclude spoken prayer with: God, in your mercy,
~We will respond: Hear our prayer.


Holy and everliving God,
by your power we are created
and by your love we are redeemed;
guide and strengthen us by your Spirit,
that we may give ourselves to your service
and live this day in love to one another and to you; through Jesus Christ our Savior.

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